Research Interests

  • Decision tree learning
  • Nonparametric and semiparametric methods
  • Survival, longitudinal and multivariate data analysis 
  • Wearable device data
  • Diagnostic testing with multiple/high dimensional biomarkers

Papers and Publications                                                       

  • Sun Y and Wang M-C (2016). Evaluating utility measurement with recurrent marker processes in the presence of competing terminal events. Journal of the American Statistical Association, Theory and Methods. In press.
  • Sun Y, Huang C-Y and Wang M-C (2016). Nonparametric benefit-risk assessment using marker process in the presence of a terminal event.  Journal of the American Statistical Association, Theory and Methods. In press.
    * An earlier version won the Best Paper Award, 2015 ASA Section on Risk Analysis Student Paper Competition.   
  • Li S, Sun Y, Huang C-Y, Follmann DA, Krause R (2016). Recurrent event data analysis with intermittently observed time-varying covariates. Statistics in Medicine. 35(18): 3049-3065.
    * An earlier version won the 2016 ASA Biometrics Section Travel Award.
  • Hong X et al. including Sun Y (2015). Genome-wide association study identifies peanut allergy-specific loci and evidence of epigenetic mediation in US children. Nature Communications 6. Article number: 6304.
  • Hong X et al. including Sun Y (2016). Epigenome-wide association study links site-specific DNA methylation changes with cow's milk allergy. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 138(3): 908-911.

submitted/under revision

  • Sun Y, Chan G and Qin J (2016). Simple and fast overidentified rank estimation for right-censored length-biased data. 
  • Sun Y, Qin J and Huang C-Y (2016). Missing information principle: a unified approach for general left-truncated and/or right-censored survival data problems. 
  •  Shrestha B*, Sun Y*, Wolfgang CL, Huang C-Y, Zheng L and others (2016). Long-term Survival Benefit of Upfront Chemotherapy in Newly Diagnosed Borderline Resectable Pancreatic Cancer.
    (*Co-first authors)
  • Bai J, Sun Y, Schrack JA, Crainiceanu CM, Wang M-C (2016). A two-stage model for mobile device data.
    * An earlier version won the 2017 ENAR Student Paper Award.
  • Shinohara RT, Sun Y, Wang M-C (2016). Alternating Event Processes during Lifetimes: Population Dynamics and Statistical Inference.
  • Marr KA, Sun Y, Tsai H-L, Avery RK, Shoham S, Alp S, LaRue R, Ostrander D, Lu N, Jones R, Montgomery R and Huang C-Y (2016). Longitudinal risk modeling to characterize infectious morbidity after transplant: a prospective cohort study. 
  • Chan G, Sun Y, Qin J (2016). Flexible locally semiparametric efficient estimation for the accelerated failure time model. 
  • Wang M-C and Sun Y (2016). Nonparametric estimation of medical cost quantiles in the presence of competing terminal events. 

In preparation

  • Sun Y and Wang M-C. Rank-based classification and survival trees.
  • Sun Y, Chan G, Huang C-Y and Wang M-C (2016). Assembled longitudinal data analysis in the presence of left truncation and informative censoring.